Weight restriction policy

Our goal is to ensure a pleasurable and safe ride for all of our riders and horses.  For this reason, Lawton Stables (in line with most commercial stables) has determined that allowing riders above the weight of 240 lbs carries additional risks that make it not ideal for trailriding, and our weight limit of 240 pounds is non-negotiable.

All of our riders are important to us, as is their privacy. If a staff member is concerned your weight is over 240 lbs, he or she may ask you to discuss possibilities for your ride in private.  You will be asked to stand on a scale (in a private area, out of sight and away from other riders) fully clothed; at this point only you can see your own results.  

If your weight is 240 pounds or less, please ask a staff member to verify the weight and the check-in process will continue.

Unfortunately, if your weight is over 240 pounds on the day, you cannot ride and NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

If your situation changes, please come back and ride with us another day!

Lawton Stables respects the privacy of our riders, and if a rider may not ride because of the weight restriction, Lawton Stables will not disclose this confidential information to any other rider or guest.


A rider who is over the weight limit runs a greater risk of injury in the mounting and dismounting process, their balance may be less steady, and if he or she falls, an injury is more likely because the greater weight.

It is also a matter of the soundness and health of the horses involved. Too much weight can cause saddlesores from rubbing against the saddle, strained muscles, and pinching of nerves. Permanent damage such as a "sway back" or deteriorated muscle function may occur over time. Even the gentlest of horses may become agitated, irritable and even unpredictable when over-stressed by a heavy rider.

We appreciate your cooperation with our weight policy, and trust we all wish to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our riders and horses!