Sea Pines Plantation


The Preserve was formally opened June 1, 1971. Charles and Joseph Fraser of the Sea Pines Founding Family filed legal covenants in 1970 dedicating the 606 acres in the Preserve as a Wildlife Habitat and Outdoor recreation facility. It was specifically created so that we might all enjoy and appreciate the varied bounty of our very special natural environment.

The Forest is one of Hilton Head's finest assets. Many visitors consider a visit to the Preserve the highlight of their visit here as it offers an insight into the value of land left in its natural state for thousands of visitors to enjoy.

Within the Preserve, there is a Shell Ring made by Indian Moundbuilders 4000 years ago built about the same time as the Pyramids! Locals used to say that the Ring had some religious significance, but scholars say that the Ring was created around a campsite and old oyster shells form its base. Ancient artifacts have also been found there to give the historians an insight into the Indians daily life.

Over 200 species of birds have been spotted in the Preserve and the area has been recognized as an "Important Bird Area" by the National Audubon Society, showcasing an oasis of valuable natural habitats in an otherwise heavily developed coastal island. It is also home to our island alligators residing in the beautiful Lakes Mary, Thomas, and Joe.

The Hilton Head Whitetail Deer population is very prolific in the Preserve, although rarely spotted during daylight hours. The "Forest" describes the varieties of tree and plants in the Preserve including the Pine Woods, Live Oak Forest, Fresh Water Marsh, and the endless varieties of Grass.

We are pleased to offer our hour long trail rides through this wonderful facility so that you can enjoy all that you can enjoy all that it has to offer by the best possible form of transport... horses!